Talaria Sting 60v Road Legal Electric Bike


The Talaria Sting r mx4 electric dirt bike was created to provide riders of all levels with cutting edge performance. It has a lightweight frame design, a strong electric motor that delivers immediate torque, and an innovative gear drive that transfers power quietly.


The Talaria Sting R has been the most widely-liked electric off-road bike in the USA for well over a year. It has also attracted many new riders to the sport. Due to its popularity, there are often shortages and prior purchases are required to obtain a bike. With the addition of the Talaria Sting x to our lineup, there will no longer be a shortage of competition in this ultra-light, off-road category.

Although the Sur-Ron LBX and the Talaria Sting R are quite similar, the Talaria Sting has a variety of advantages because it was designed to outperform its competitor. However, the Sting has a 19% larger battery capacity, a bigger swinging arm, and a wider rear tyre to better traction. Size, weight, power, torque, and seat height are all fairly similar.

Additionally, the Sting substitutes the primary belt (or chain) drive with a sealed, fixed ratio gearbox box. It is especially crucial for off-road riders to replace a belt drive with a non-serviceable component because doing so increases reliability and lowers maintenance. Talaria Sting R, Talaria Sting x

  • Top Speed – 28 mph
  • Max Range – 63 miles (dependant on rider, speed and braking)
  • Battery – 60V 38.4A Lithium LG Cells
  • Speedometer – TFT Digital
  • Charging Time – 4 Hours
  • Weight – 58kg
  • Upgraded Low/High beam light
  • Upgraded display (Rohs)
  • Extended rear mudguard with license plate
  • Rear mirrors
  • Front and rear indicators and reflectors
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