Talaria x3


Our core areas of interest include the design, research, and production of high-performance, lightweight electric motorcycles. TALARIA combines cutting-edge electric technology and modern manufacturing techniques to develop high-tech performance motorcycles that are swift, nimble, and fun to ride. The aircraft-grade aluminium frame is pressure forged with 6,000 tonnes of strain to assure strength and decrease weight. To achieve the performance, the TALARIA electric powertrain is used, which combines a highly effective permanent magnet synchronous motor and a masterfully crafted gearbox for a smooth and powerful ride. Purchase Talaria X3.

TALARIA’s first electric motorbike has piqued the interest of many since its release. TALARIA is now acknowledged globally as a top brand of electric motorcycles. We want to provide cyclists an amazing, all-new off-road experience.


Talaria E bikehas a reputation for honesty and quality in the field of electric motorcycles. To provide our customers in the United States with the best possible experience, we are constantly working to grow our massive inventory. 

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