Shinko SR 241 Trials Tires for Surron / Talaria


Sizes Available *
2.75 x 19 (Stock)
3.0 x 17 (XXX Stock)
3.0 x 21
3.5 x 18
Set of 2.75 x 19 (Stock)
Set of 3.0 x 17 (XXX Stock)
Set of 3.5 x 18/3.0 x 21
  • Popular Trials tire for Sur-Ron and Talaria
  • 4 ply rated tube type
  • Works well on pavement and off road
  • Resilient to flats with its tough  nylon Carcass
  • DOT approved

We provide them compatible with both the new Luna Deluxe 21 – 18 wheel set and the factory 19-inch rims.

19-inch 2.75-inch front and rear stock rims (will not fit with RST front fork)

The following rim sizes fit the 21–18 set: 18 3.5′′, 21 3′′ (will not fit with RST front fork). View the Rim set here.

These are high-quality motorcycle tires that, while still performing admirably off road, will extend your bike’s range over the factory knobbys when riding on pavement and provide you with a quieter, smoother ride.

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